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Been a bit quiet here for the last few months. I’ve been particularly busy at work but also I’ve been working on a few other projects on the side. One of these is ThumbWhere. (try the blog for more … Continue reading

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Practical Applications Of Finite State Machines In Web Development

In my last post I described the basic State Machine/Theorem Prover developed in JavaScript – here is a recap, update and continuation of that post based on the latest development. And BTW – This is my presentation for WebJam 08 … Continue reading

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Google Chrome – I Loves It

I Like it. Its fast. The tab page is genius. Its my default browser for everything bar web development. Webkit developers console is outclassed by FireBug on FireFox. Flash works. Flash player install required a few goes. Java Works.. but … Continue reading

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JavaScript Finite State Machine/Theorem Prover

I started writing this two years ago and never really got around to blogging about it. In a nutshell this is a module that runs within the MetaWrap JavaScript library that allows you to define a finite state machine in … Continue reading

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Another Emmy Nomination For Massive Interactive

The cool thing about being able to work at Massive is that you straddle the extreme technical end of making things scale, in the web ‘C10k problem’ sense, combined with the demands of the general public TV audience. It combines both … Continue reading

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Adobe Flash Player Security Change – Prepare For Some Breaking Changes In April

Adobe is planning to release a security update for Flash Player 9 in April 2008 to strengthen the security of Adobe Flash Player. This security update will make the optional socket policy file changes introduced in Flash Player 9,0,115,0 mandatory. … Continue reading

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MetaWrap JavaScript Library Back Up

There was a bad cable when we moved the servers around. All is good now. Thanks to the people who pointed this out, unfortunately I was was so busy I didn’t get to attend to this for a week. Now … Continue reading

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Fast Loading Of XHTML as XML In JavaScript Using Msxml2.DOMDocument.*

This solved the issue I was having with MSXML not parsing XHTML as XML without an xml-declaration – which is the only format that Microsoft Expression Web will auto-detect as XHTML without forcing it to fail over to it. ([menu] Tools > Page Editor Options > Authoring … Continue reading

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JavaScript Macro Recorder

Here is a screen recording of my JavaScript Macro Recorder in action. Here is a test URL for a page that has the JavaScript code embedded. Works under IE and Firefox. Safari “Real Soon Now” 🙂 Add these two lines … Continue reading

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window.onerror does not work in Safari

// Declare Error Handlerfunction oops() {  alert (‘Error!’);  return true;}// Assign to global error handlerwindow.onerror = oops;// Trigger an errorx.y.z(); This does not work, and it makes me sad. Updated – removed syntax error from example

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