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Practical Applications Of Finite State Machines In Web Development

In my last post I described the basic State Machine/Theorem Prover developed in JavaScript – here is a recap, update and continuation of that post based on the latest development. And BTW – This is my presentation for WebJam 08 … Continue reading

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PhotoShop For Video

Most impressive and most scary technology demo I have seen this year. Once this is as easy to use as Photoshop, our trust of media will be reduced even further. High Quality Quicktime Video Once they can do this with … Continue reading

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LOLCats From Your Phone To RSS – The LOL-* Specification From

LOL-* (Pronounced “LOL STAR”)  is a simple and compact markup language for creating image macros on your mobile phone via MMS. An implementation of this language has been included as part of the MMS to RSS gateway. When you … Continue reading

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David Vandenberg (One of my co-workers at Massive) attended StartupCamp  this weekend and in 24 hours created (here is the elevator pitch video) which allows you to create a compressed url like and but goes one step … Continue reading

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Bug In Chrome In Gmail

Times seem to ahead by an hour. Suspect some kind of JavaScript bug. GMail far RHS column in IE7 GMail far RHS column in Chrome.

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Chome Market Share – The Economics Of Supporting A New Browser

I’ve been tracking Google Chrome’s market share. This is important because as web developers we get clients wanting to support the top ranked browsers. Normally clients want just IE, FF and Safari supported  Sometimes this includes list Opera. At its … Continue reading

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Google Chrome – I Loves It

I Like it. Its fast. The tab page is genius. Its my default browser for everything bar web development. Webkit developers console is outclassed by FireBug on FireFox. Flash works. Flash player install required a few goes. Java Works.. but … Continue reading

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