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PitaPata – Tickers And Widgets For Your Pets

Developed by some very dear friends of mine who used to work at Massive.   This is the same team that produced LilyPie which provides Tickers and Widgets for your baby or child đŸ™‚

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Introducing – Command Line Photoshop (pronounced ‘qwertle’) is a real time image manipulation service that lets you crop, compose, scale, tint, slice, dice images and generate QR codes without having to have any software installed on your webserver or PC. The way it works: … Continue reading

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Practical Applications Of Finite State Machines In Web Development

In my last post I described the basic State Machine/Theorem Prover developed in JavaScript – here is a recap, update and continuation of that post based on the latest development. And BTW – This is my presentation for WebJam 08 … Continue reading

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David Vandenberg (One of my co-workers at Massive) attended StartupCamp  this weekend and in 24 hours created (here is the elevator pitch video) which allows you to create a compressed url like and but goes one step … Continue reading

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JavaScript Finite State Machine/Theorem Prover

I started writing this two years ago and never really got around to blogging about it. In a nutshell this is a module that runs within the MetaWrap JavaScript library that allows you to define a finite state machine in … Continue reading

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Twitter Up and Down Again

Looks like Twitter is going into the garage tonight. Its coughing a bit of blood at the moment so that may be a good thing for all of us twitticts.

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Another Emmy Nomination For Massive Interactive

The cool thing about being able to work at Massive is that you straddle the extreme technical end of making things scale, in the web ‘C10k problem’ sense, combined with the demands of the general public TV audience. It combines both … Continue reading

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Facebook's Beacon

There is an unwritten social contract between we the punters and social networking sites that make money by data-mining our activities and targeting ads at us. That contract is essentially that we will let them have our personal data in … Continue reading

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The Right Of Reply

The awaited great streaming inevitable has arrived in the form of remixes of the original YouTube post “by” John Howard What has been enlightening, shocking and surprising is the flurry of videos that have been appropriating the meta-data from the original video such that if … Continue reading

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Mashup Engines And Web 2.0

Mash-up engines (automated mash-up creation tools) are one of those concepts that people think is very cool. You do a survey and ask if people would use it and they say “God yes – every day for as long as I live” – … Continue reading

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