Another Emmy Nomination For Massive Interactive

The cool thing about being able to work at Massive is that you straddle the extreme technical end of making things scale, in the web ‘C10k problem’ sense, combined with the demands of the general public TV audience.

It combines both of my passions for the hard core Computer Science of making machines work at optimum capacity, providing developers with a simple and sensible API while also involving my eternal pathological psychological passion for the creation of an intuitive interface that combines the essential ingredients of a compelling first impression and the fugue that comes with immersion.

At Massive we are fortunate enough to get to combine web technology with the world of mass entertainment which puts us a little bit closer to Hollywood.

Or in this case Cannes.

Yes. We have been nominated for another Emmy, which makes that two Emmy nominations in a row.



Check out the V8 Supercars Showreel if you want to get an feel for what the site is all about and what it delivers to viewers.

Anyone who knows me personally knows that the V8 project has been one of my focal projects for the last 3 years. Many a person has been denied my weekend company because I have been devoted to making such an awesome system and concept work. I’ve blogged about algorithmic success and the trepidation of designing a new version. Sometimes its all for Science!

The BigPond V8 broadband site combines live streaming, PVR time-shifting and the synchronisation of disparate data sources to bring together a coherent behind the scenes in the car narrative to the end consumer. I have loved working on this project so very much and I’m really chuffed to get this recognition.

Of course this was a team effort, with many other people involved in the project at Massive working in Design, Flash and Project management. Without many others at Massive and some of the brilliant people at BigPond and Chief Entertainment this project would not have been possible.

Check out the Massive Showreel as well if you want to get a feel for the kind of projects we work on at Massive.

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CTO Massive Interactive. Ex Computer Whiz Kid - Now Grumpy Old Guru.
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