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Another article on the demise of the old EBOM Warehouse @ 144 Cleveland St (Lanfranchi's)

“One of the Keating! musicians lived in in a warehouse in Sydney’s Cleveland Street known as Lanfranchi’s – so called because the laneway behind it was where, in March 1981, Roger Rogerson shot Warren Lanfranchi in that memorable scene from … Continue reading

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Fast Loading Of XHTML as XML In JavaScript Using Msxml2.DOMDocument.*

This solved the issue I was having with MSXML not parsing XHTML as XML without an xml-declaration – which is the only format that Microsoft Expression Web will auto-detect as XHTML without forcing it to fail over to it. ([menu] Tools > Page Editor Options > Authoring … Continue reading

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Parsing XHTML and XML vs IE and Microsoft Expression Web

I have a project where I want to treat XHTML as XML. Which should be trivial because XHTML is XML – and it is trivial with FireFox. However I have been experimenting with Microsoft Expression Web as my primary HTML/CSS editor … Continue reading

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The Right Of Reply

The awaited great streaming inevitable has arrived in the form of remixes of the original YouTube post “by” John Howard What has been enlightening, shocking and surprising is the flurry of videos that have been appropriating the meta-data from the original video such that if … Continue reading

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Mashup Engines And Web 2.0

Mash-up engines (automated mash-up creation tools) are one of those concepts that people think is very cool. You do a survey and ask if people would use it and they say “God yes – every day for as long as I live” – … Continue reading

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John Howard On You Tube – Awaiting The Great Streaming Inevitable.

Tonight the TV told me that John Howard is on YouTube. Interesting – I just came out of a panel discussion where one of the questions was how content authors and marketers should engage with their audience in the modern online world. But … Continue reading

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Workaround for SWF inside a FORM element

Had an issue with a Flash SWF inside a <FORM> element when using ExternalInterface(). Essentially flash was unable to create the callbacks and threw errors. Thankfully there is a workaround available by Steve Kamerman  “Wow, seriously IE – you got beat by Opera … Continue reading

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Great Global Warming Swindle ABC Studio Audience Was (Mostly) Off Their Rockers

Glad I was not the only one that thought that most of these people were out of their minds or on a clear agenda of conspiracy theory chasing. Of note, the audience contained at least… One suspected creationist Two “environmentalism is eugenics” … Continue reading

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Rationalising A Post Amazon/Google Home Library

I spent the last two weekends installing bookshelves so Sharyn and I just spent three hours going through books that have spent the last 6 years in boxes and in many cases have not been seen or used in 10 years. … Continue reading

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More Sliverlight Video Testing

Using sample non square pixel tests from Microsoft site was inconclusive. 7 of the 27 sample encoded videos were 1:1 PAR. The others varied from 24:11 to 12:11 None of the videos played past the first frame, but all the videos was … Continue reading

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