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Homebrew Wii Games

My first “post” of the year – work has been keeping me very busy. Looks like there is a lot happening in the world of Wii homebrew 🙂  

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As I And Everyone Else Predicted – Games Consoles Now Used For Super Computing

I remember 15 years ago talking about the logical progression of gaming hardware and predicting that consumer demand would end up putting superior performance in the games consoles, and then they would then be used for “evil”. The future is weirder than we … Continue reading

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Microsoft "Surface"

I see your Adobe Flash photo shuffling demo on a $40,000 multi-touch screen and raise you with the concept of Gorilla Arm. Why do I get the feeling that last year Steve or Bill saw the same multi-touch demo by Jeff Han [YouTube] that … Continue reading

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My TV Now Boots OSX

As an experiment I am running an old Apple G4 Cube in my lounge room. Its got just enough grunt to play DVDs, DIVXes, view Youtube full screen videos and fulfill its primary purpose, iTunes.

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Being Paid To XBox

I’m consulting with the big M and a few other companies at the moment on adapting an application to the XBox 360. The result of this is that they sent me one to play with.   The team came up with … Continue reading

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iPhone – I Love Your Body, But…

Dear iPhone You better have UMTS or you are dead to me. Although I love your design and interface, where it matters for a phone I find you lacking. According to the specs you are just quad-band GSM. And no GPS? Is that even legal in … Continue reading

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More Anti-Wii

Looks like Leisa has done some research into Wii problems and has found a link to a site dedicated to issues and accidents – aptly named The New Nintendo Thumb

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Wii Gorilla Arm

Everyone seems to have a Wii now. I’m still waiting to see if “Gorilla arm syndrome” kicks in. 🙂

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NetWork Adapters I Have Known And Loved

While looking for USB 802.11 hardware for Linux with some particular features I did a lot of hardware hunting.              

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