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PhotoShop For Video

Most impressive and most scary technology demo I have seen this year. Once this is as easy to use as Photoshop, our trust of media will be reduced even further. High Quality Quicktime Video Once they can do this with … Continue reading

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Google Chrome – I Loves It

I Like it. Its fast. The tab page is genius. Its my default browser for everything bar web development. Webkit developers console is outclassed by FireBug on FireFox. Flash works. Flash player install required a few goes. Java Works.. but … Continue reading

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Another Emmy Nomination For Massive Interactive

The cool thing about being able to work at Massive is that you straddle the extreme technical end of making things scale, in the web ‘C10k problem’ sense, combined with the demands of the general public TV audience. It combines both … Continue reading

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Workaround for SWF inside a FORM element

Had an issue with a Flash SWF inside a <FORM> element when using ExternalInterface(). Essentially flash was unable to create the callbacks and threw errors. Thankfully there is a workaround available by Steve Kamerman  “Wow, seriously IE – you got beat by Opera … Continue reading

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This Risk Like Dice Game Will Destroy Your Productivity

Single player version Multi Player Version Don’t say you were not warned.

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It Sure Does Rock Right About Here :)

The BigPond V8 Supercars 2007 application that has kept me away from regular sleep/blogosphere/fun for the last few months is rapidly shedding its “Beta” status. Here is a video WMV, QuickTime, QuickTime HUGE. The App runs at 25fps, so this 10fps screen … Continue reading

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V8 Supercars – Last Race Of 2006 And The Last Time This Version Of Our Award Winning Flash and AJAX Application Will be Running

Our multiple award winning broadband Flash/AJAX application is being retired after 3 and half years of service. Its normally restricted to BigPond users, but its been opened up for the last race of the year. A free pass link has been … Continue reading

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