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MonoGame OpenGL Has 800×480 Screen During Initialize

There seems to be a workflow issue at the startup of a MonoGame app in Windows using OpenGL. The solution seems to be to perform your own initialisation on the viewport. The issue is that during Initialize() your app seems convinced … Continue reading

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Another Windows Socket Limitation Fix

I have a secret project that I’m putting through non functional testing at the moment. Its ftping around 600,000 files in the space of a few hours – which means its violating the 4000 sockets in 4 minutes limitation in windows. … Continue reading

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Reason – Exciting New C++ Library For Internet Applications

I’ve been waiting for Emerson Clarke to GPL this library since he started sending me code samples via IM a few years ago. If you really want to squeeze every last nanoflop of performance out of your hardware then you need … Continue reading

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And Old Bug In Windows CRT – time() Is Affected By Timezone Change

The standard C run-time (CRT) time() function for windows is documented thus “The time function returns the number of seconds elapsed since midnight (00:00:00), January 1, 1970, coordinated universal time, according to the system clock. The return value is stored in the … Continue reading

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No Mozilla Protocol Plug-in Example Or Documentation So looks like I’m giving up on Mozilla development of a protocol plugin in C++ – the platform is simply just not mature enough to develop against. I have wasted 4 hours of my life only to find that someone has … Continue reading

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select () poll() semantics

If I want to use a simple counting semaphore then what happens when I want to wait on both reads and writes? The theory goes that both READ and WRITE will Post to the semaphore for their particular semantic states. Read posts … Continue reading

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Semaphore vs Monitor

Trying to decide what kind of counting syncronisation object I should use for my buffer polling expansion to the CNI (see two posts down).In my travels I found a lively and mostly misguided debate of monitors vs semaphores so decided to … Continue reading

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Unix Signals And C++ Exceptions Living Together

“Signals and exceptions don’t mix well, and should be considered seperately. While you can define an exception-based “wrapper” for signals, such code is not portable, because C++ does not guarantee that a signal-handling function is able to interact with any … Continue reading

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mutable in C++

I’ve gone back to some refactoring for a few days to solve a problem that has been annoying me for a while. The solution is found in some C++ arcana that I always used to avoid due to porting issues, … Continue reading

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