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Silverlight/Office2007 Charity Thing…

Yes its advertising for Microsoft -but its for a good cause. “Microsoft Australia are running an interesting campaign to demo MS Office 2007 and raise money for charity at the same time. The premise is fairly simple. Users head over … Continue reading

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50,000 People at Red Bull Flugtag In Sydney – It Was Like Vietnam

Coming from Perth Western Australia and remembering the Annual Birdman Rally from the 1970’s, I could not miss the the RedBull Flugtag. Arrived at 11am. According to the announcements they were expecting 20,000 people but got 50,000. The crowd was … Continue reading

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Timezone Changover Failures

Its the end of Daylight Saving in NSW Australia this morning. I managed to patch my phone the day before so that changed over fine. A number of devices in my house however failed to change over correctly. I think … Continue reading

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Running Microsoft Live Messenger Under Server 2003

If you just try and install it normally from the Microsoft Live website, the installer Bork’s and tells you that its not for Server 2003. Its just that the installer does not work under the 2003, not Messenger itself. The solution … Continue reading

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A Little Bit Of A Bug In TeamCity

If you set up a TeamCity server, don’t tell it to check out your project into a path that is root of a drive. Don’t Try This At Home Drive You would think that checking out ModuleX into “Checkout Directory” C: … Continue reading

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Finished The Latest Ian M. Banks Culture Novel

Matter by Ian M. Banks May contain spoilers. Thank goodness because its been 8 years since the last novel featuring The Culture and I was beginning to give up. Mind you I consider “The Dwellers” from The Algebraist to be the “The Affronters” from Excession … Continue reading

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The Irony

Got a report that by blog has stopped working in Firefox. “Bad Element in position 1,1” Tested it myself and all I got was Blank page. I decided – now was the time to upgrade to the latest version of … Continue reading

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MetaWrap JavaScript Library Back Up

There was a bad cable when we moved the servers around. All is good now. Thanks to the people who pointed this out, unfortunately I was was so busy I didn’t get to attend to this for a week. Now … Continue reading

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Massive Is Renovating

The blog and javascript server was down for a few days. Should all be good now.

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My TV Now Boots OSX

As an experiment I am running an old Apple G4 Cube in my lounge room. Its got just enough grunt to play DVDs, DIVXes, view Youtube full screen videos and fulfill its primary purpose, iTunes.

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