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Some More Phone Images Of Sydney

Conspiracy Theoretician I Want To Believe Beware The Bucket  

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IE7 And Office Outlook Incompatible with McAffe Virus Scan Buffer Overflow Detection

If you have installed the latest IE7 and use Outlook and McAffe Virus Scan, you may have noticed your Outlook mail client locking up quite often. Seems that during normal operation IE7 is throwing buffer overflows, or doing something that looks like … Continue reading

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Scrybe – Yet Another Calendar Application – But Its A Very Good Looking One The video alone is worth watching just to get an idea of what its possible to do in a browser nowadays. I was hoping to be first to launch something with the “work offline now, sync to server later” … Continue reading

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General News And IE7

I should start up developing and blogging again now. My grandmother passed away a few weeks ago and my Mother and her partner have been visiting for the last two weeks so I’ve not really had a chance to do … Continue reading

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The US Declares War On Australia

By banning Vegemite as “Unnatural“. Seriously folks – after stealing our Ugg-boots and sending us Don Lane, this is the last straw.

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A Brief History Of Parsing

  The primary goal a parser is to organize a sequence of tokens based on the rules of a formal language. As the parser accepts a sequence of tokens, it determines, based on this information, when the grammar’s respective rules … Continue reading

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