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I For One Welcome Our AI Masters

I had this idea a few years ago. Thought I would finally blog it. Lisp was the darling of AI research in the 70’s – Lisp is a Functional Language. Prolog was the darling of AI research in the 80’s – … Continue reading

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Massive Has A … Ugh….

Someone didn’t really think this through. This means I’m not preparing any food in the new Kitchen…

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Back From Remix 07 – Popfly/Silverlight/Visual Studio 2008

It went great! My presentation went great (as far as I could tell). I spent most of the conference recovering from the Sydney Flu – so I suspect I behaved like a freak half of the time. Met some great … Continue reading

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And then we can do it for cars too please?

“Started by Google and Intel, the Climate Savers Computing Initiative brings together industry, consumers, government, and conservation organizations to significantly increase the energy efficiency of computers and servers. Believe it or not, the average desktop PC wastes over half the … Continue reading

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Issues With Some WMV profiles in Silverlight

Found a few bugs in the way that Silverlight1.0 plays video. Will perform definitive tests tomorrow – but looks like a pixel aspect ration that is not 1:1 will prevent video from rendering. This is a shame because there is a … Continue reading

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RIP 144 Cleveland Street – The Old EBOM Warehouse

Sadly the space where I and five other like minded people established the electronic arts space “The Evil Brotherhood Of Mutants”, is being redeveloped. This ends what must be close to 20 years of continuous artspace use. The Evil Brotherhood Of Mutants (EBOM) was … Continue reading

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JavaScript Macro Recorder

Here is a screen recording of my JavaScript Macro Recorder in action. Here is a test URL for a page that has the JavaScript code embedded. Works under IE and Firefox. Safari “Real Soon Now” 🙂 Add these two lines … Continue reading

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Everyone I know in Sydney is, has just been, or feels like they are about to be sick. Don’t come to Sydney at the moment if you want to live.

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window.onerror does not work in Safari

// Declare Error Handlerfunction oops() {  alert (‘Error!’);  return true;}// Assign to global error handlerwindow.onerror = oops;// Trigger an errorx.y.z(); This does not work, and it makes me sad. Updated – removed syntax error from example

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