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Its Not A Bomb

Its just a very naughty civil engineer.. One Two Three Four

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Some Other Progress

For those who have suffered through my detailed answer to the question “so what have you been working on lately?”, here is a simple progress report in pictures. No doubt it makes as much sense as my addled answer, but I … Continue reading

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Humans Bad – High Radiation Good

lelak says: James says: fear them lelak says: After reading this article yesterday, I can’t help wondering if it’s all part of some larger plan: James says: So as far as animals are concerned, humans occupying an area … Continue reading

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More Anti-Wii

Looks like Leisa has done some research into Wii problems and has found a link to a site dedicated to issues and accidents – aptly named The New Nintendo Thumb

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Wii Gorilla Arm

Everyone seems to have a Wii now. I’m still waiting to see if “Gorilla arm syndrome” kicks in. 🙂

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V8 Supercars – Last Race Of 2006 And The Last Time This Version Of Our Award Winning Flash and AJAX Application Will be Running

Our multiple award winning broadband Flash/AJAX application is being retired after 3 and half years of service. Its normally restricted to BigPond users, but its been opened up for the last race of the year. A free pass link has been … Continue reading

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