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The Conroy Rule

Australia is gripped in debate over it’s government’s push to introduce Mandatory ISP Level Filtering. Yes and the policy is about as well thought out as it is acronymed. Out of that debate Jon Seymour has come up with ‘The … Continue reading

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PhotoShop For Video

Most impressive and most scary technology demo I have seen this year. Once this is as easy to use as Photoshop, our trust of media will be reduced even further. High Quality Quicktime Video Once they can do this with … Continue reading

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Why People Won't Accept Nuclear Power

Pebble bed reactors will be safe and available in 20 years. We will be left with the moral question of who disposes of the waste, the country that used the fuel or the country that mined and sold it, and … Continue reading

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The Right Of Reply

The awaited great streaming inevitable has arrived in the form of remixes of the original YouTube post “by” John Howard What has been enlightening, shocking and surprising is the flurry of videos that have been appropriating the meta-data from the original video such that if … Continue reading

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John Howard On You Tube – Awaiting The Great Streaming Inevitable.

Tonight the TV told me that John Howard is on YouTube. Interesting – I just came out of a panel discussion where one of the questions was how content authors and marketers should engage with their audience in the modern online world. But … Continue reading

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And then we can do it for cars too please?

“Started by Google and Intel, the Climate Savers Computing Initiative brings together industry, consumers, government, and conservation organizations to significantly increase the energy efficiency of computers and servers. Believe it or not, the average desktop PC wastes over half the … Continue reading

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Thought For The Millenium

From Adbusters Issue 70

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