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What Was BSCAL?

“In a digital computer, the instructions are in the form of COMMAND (ADDRESS) where the address is an exact (either absolute or relative) memory location, a process that translates informally into “DO THIS with what you find HERE and go … Continue reading

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The True Meaning Of Web 2.0

Hilarious article by Russell Beattie. I’m as gung-ho as the next person, but I have to admit its getting ridiculous. But also rather amusing.

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Its not often that I find an application that uses more memory than Microsoft Outlook, if that was the aim of Flock then they have succeeded. Seriously, good idea, and an obvious idea that everyone is moving towards, but it … Continue reading

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IE, Closures, Leaks

[UPDATE] I have updated this with information gleaned from on the true nature of closures and performed an experiment. Its worse than I thought. The ‘shotgun’ nature of scope closure in JavaScript means that its very easy to write leaky … Continue reading

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More Bigpond Windows Media Center V8 Goodness

Making progress on the synchronisation algorithm. Compared to last rounds effort, this round was a lot closer. I’m definitely on the right track and the algorithm is converging faster. Now able to synchronise all four feeds together Live TV, Streaming … Continue reading

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W3C Event Emulation, Now Supports 'stopPropagation' and 'cancelBubble'

My addEvent replacement now supports the full emulation of W3C standard cancelBubble and stopPropagation in event capture and bubbling mode in browsers that don’t support W3C events (IE, Opera). Here is a test case. If someone can break this and … Continue reading

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My Entry For The QuirksMode addEvent() Recoding Contest

Here is my entry for the QuirksMode addEvent() recoding contest. Its not the smallest or simplest, but this was a project that I started before the competition was announced and its main purpose is to solve a much larger problem. My … Continue reading

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IE Memory Leaks Demystified

At last a resource that describes exactly how memory leaks occur in IE, written by the only people qualified to know, Microsoft. “In the past, memory leaks haven’t posed huge problems for Web developers. Pages were kept relatively simple and … Continue reading

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An XSLT In the Cache is Worth Two On The Server – More MetaWrap Rendering Pipeline Thoughts

Good documentation is a battle between telling a memorable fable and overloading people with detail. I’ve sat down and drawn another diagram (see below) of the MetaWrap rendering pipeline as I’m still in the process of mulling over the design. … Continue reading

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And The Winner Of The QuirksMode addEvent() Recoding Contest Is…

Not me – and there is a slight twang of disappointment, but its hardly so very surprising – the competition was simply to recode addEvent, and my solution was for the entire class of event registration problems that plague all … Continue reading

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