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MetaWrap JavaScript Cluster/Grid

This is not an April Fools post – although when you get to the end of it you may wonder. As a proof of concept of the MetaWrap Apache_mod interface I’m going to write something that distributes grid tasks to web browsers … Continue reading

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Sydney, Unrest, Muslims, Kebab

Tonight I met a very tall man. I am not short – but he towered over me. He was very well educated and very well dressed. His girlfriend was a gorgeous young woman. Every year at Massive’s Annual Xmas party … Continue reading

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Some Cool New Things

Getting ready to recover all by blog posts in the next few days. Made lots of progress in MetaWrap in the apache mod area. JS/UIX 0.43 – The JavaScript virtual OS and terminal application for the web. Social Command Line

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Interesting XML Layout Engine

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Things To Do…..

Continuous Integration *started* June 28th 2004  (Branched into W3 EBNF parser) Tidy Up Website and add Google Ads  *done*  July 9th 2004 Integrate Client Into Shell Design Client <-> Server Connection Semantics Contuinue Design Of Clustering Algorithm Get shell integrated … Continue reading

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Unix Signals And C++ Exceptions Living Together

“Signals and exceptions don’t mix well, and should be considered seperately. While you can define an exception-based “wrapper” for signals, such code is not portable, because C++ does not guarantee that a signal-handling function is able to interact with any … Continue reading

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