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June 6th Is JavaScript 'Array' and 'Object.prototype' Awareness Day

I want my children to grow up in a world when coding in JavaScript does not result in a fistfight. Brendan Eich may have intended Arrays to be only numeric, but the reality is they do more, and people have … Continue reading

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Mashup That Uses Blogger and APIs For Backend Storage

Thanks to Dom for pointing this out to me. Check out this screen-recording of a demo Flash Flex application called NoteTag. The application uses Blogger and as a back-end for storage. Blogger is used to store objects and is used … Continue reading

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Bikely – A Bike Route Sharing Google-Maps Remix

Thanks to Damian for pointing out this site. Now that Google maps works properly in Australia, someone has built a very nice Google Maps mashup that allows you to share your favorite bike route.  The behind the scenes story is … Continue reading

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The Internet Background Radiation – A Billion Little Virus Tipped Arrows Snuffling For Unarmoured Flesh

Ever since the mid 90’s when I first started getting unwanted packets arriving on my networks, I’ve been keeping an eye on what has been named the “Internet Background Radiation” (IBR). Analogous to the real world background radiation that constantly zaps through … Continue reading

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Neat Browser Size and Position Manipulation Trick

Simple and effective comic sketch (video) in which your browser plays a role.

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I Got Slashdotted Again

Our network admin is giving me “that” look. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.

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How Not To Say 'Um'

Its obvious from listening to my first screen recording that there are three things I need to improve when it comes to doing a recorded demonstration of software. #1 – Stop saying ‘Um’. I lost count at 10. Obviously I don’t … Continue reading

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JavaScript Logger Inspired By The Amiga's Guru Meditation Error Message

I wrote about this a while ago, but.. long story short… I’m getting ready to record an epic screen-recording of my Macro-Recorder developed in JavaScript. It was clear that I needed the practice after the first test run. So here is a screen recording of me … Continue reading

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SGI Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy – Hopes to Trade Out Of It In 6 Months

Sad news for the ex-poster-child of everything that was cool about computers and the internet in the 90s. SGI Invented the OpenGL standard, which drove the development of the graphic card industry. That same industry made SGI’s expensive technology obsolete. … Continue reading

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Google "Trends"

I played a little while with Google Trends. Seems that “sex” is a popular search term, especially where its hard to get Go figure.

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