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Cold Calling On An Instant Messenger

If you are going to add someone out of the blue to your contact list in instant messenger, and you have the good luck that they don’t reject you out of hand, don’t then ignore a request of “Hi, can … Continue reading

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Mr Air bribed me with a packet of potato chips, so I am now going to plug his new venture. What is Hire’m? Hire’m is powerful service to streamline and simplify the hiring process for any kind of business that … Continue reading

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Creating A Scanner From A Given Input Grammar – The Current State Of The Art

I’m trawling through conventional theory at the moment to see if my approach shows up on the radar anywhere – if it does then I can probably get some hints and tips on what could make it better or if … Continue reading

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MetaWrap Time Converter, Build 4

New Version Here This build fixes some reported bugs in the timezone data. Christchurch NZ, Incorrect timezone – traced to bug in timezone memory decompression code. Juneau – Alaska – U.S.A, Incorrect timezone USA and Canada – corrected Daylight saving … Continue reading

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User Centred Design and Leg Waxing

Fantastic post in which Leisa Reichelt talks about User Centred Design and a leg-waxing experience. “Perhaps it was the combination of pain and dissatisfaction that made me combine my work with my leg wax. In terms of user experience design, … Continue reading

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