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Practical Applications Of Finite State Machines In Web Development

In my last post I described the basic State Machine/Theorem Prover developed in JavaScript – here is a recap, update and continuation of that post based on the latest development. And BTW – This is my presentation for WebJam 08 … Continue reading

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Another Emmy Nomination For Massive Interactive

The cool thing about being able to work at Massive is that you straddle the extreme technical end of making things scale, in the web ‘C10k problem’ sense, combined with the demands of the general public TV audience. It combines both … Continue reading

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Fast Loading Of XHTML as XML In JavaScript Using Msxml2.DOMDocument.*

This solved the issue I was having with MSXML not parsing XHTML as XML without an xml-declaration – which is the only format that Microsoft Expression Web will auto-detect as XHTML without forcing it to fail over to it. ([menu] Tools > Page Editor Options > Authoring … Continue reading

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Parsing XHTML and XML vs IE and Microsoft Expression Web

I have a project where I want to treat XHTML as XML. Which should be trivial because XHTML is XML – and it is trivial with FireFox. However I have been experimenting with Microsoft Expression Web as my primary HTML/CSS editor … Continue reading

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MetaWrap TimeConverter, Build 8

There Is A New Version Available – Click Here   Update: I just fixed 2 bugs – one handle leak and a bug that could stop it from scanning serial ports. Seems I left in some debug code on both … Continue reading

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Reason – Exciting New C++ Library For Internet Applications

I’ve been waiting for Emerson Clarke to GPL this library since he started sending me code samples via IM a few years ago. If you really want to squeeze every last nanoflop of performance out of your hardware then you need … Continue reading

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Mashup That Uses Blogger and APIs For Backend Storage

Thanks to Dom for pointing this out to me. Check out this screen-recording of a demo Flash Flex application called NoteTag. The application uses Blogger and as a back-end for storage. Blogger is used to store objects and is used … Continue reading

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More Reason To Continue With The MetaWrap Rendering Pipeline

Great post by Dave Johnson that replicates and surpasses some of the benchmarking I have already into the practicality of using XSLT. This is why XSLT is at the heart of the MetaWrap JavaScript Rending Pipeline. The rendering pipeline and macro … Continue reading

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The Latest In The World Of JavaScript – "AJAX, Web 2.0 and the World Of Tomorrow"

This Is Not The JavaScript Our Parents Would Know In the bad old days JavaScript was not compatible across browsers. JavaScript development was painful, frustrating and costly. More recently JavaScript has become the poster-child for effective web programing and the … Continue reading

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Windows Media Center Version Of BigPond V8 Supercars

If you are wondering why I have been not posting much to the blog recently, or if you met me in person lately, why I have been so tired and not really in the mood to talk, its because I have … Continue reading

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