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Bypassing The Eolas Embedding Patent – In Pictures

As you now probably know, Microsoft has released a patch to IE6 because they have failed on appeal to overturn the Eolas patent on browser plug-ins, despite much back and forth and valiant efforts from the W3C. The effects of … Continue reading

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Back From Watching Cory Doctorow Talk In Sydney

I as I posted previously, Went to observe Cory Doctorow‘s talk tonight. It was much as I expected. He is real. I did not touch him – so you can’t be too sure. Xeni could have been hiding behind the drapes with … Continue reading

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Google, Please Fix Your Search Page In Firefox

Dear Google, Your Firefox start page ( ) may or may not have a CSS error. I know I’m being picky, the page functions fine, but you see every time I open Firefox ( and test some JavaScript code, I open the Firefox … Continue reading

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Before Presenting At A Web2.0 Conference

#12) Avoid consuming any mind altering substances 72 hours before your presentation. “..and of course one of the most important considerations in determining the latency and the data size to request frequency granularity is the…. OMG!!! LOOK AT THOSE GIANT WINGED SPIDER CATS!!!!! … Continue reading

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Like Father, Like Son

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IPTV In Australia Could Be Dead Before It Even Starts

Interesting post from Rachel Dixon’s Blog According to a recently released discussion paper on media reform, the Minister for Communications is considering introducing licenses for IPTV in Australia, to bring Internet video into line with broadcast video. … .. . Intriguingly, the … Continue reading

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