Monthly Archives: August 2006 – A For Movies

I just got sent a PR style blurb about this site. Wow – targeted PR marketing that didn’t try to sell me willy tablets – someone thinks I’m influential! I’m not going to cut and paste the marketroid slab of text they sent … Continue reading

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When YouTube Borks!

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Radon Radon

We somehow managed to loose the last update to this page which is a shame because I outlined what I would be doing these next two weeks. Just as well it was lost because I have been waylaid working on … Continue reading

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The Joy Of AutoMake

Anyone considering playing with Makefiles and Automake should be very clear about the different ‘flavors’ of variables. 🙂 Also Recursive Make Considered Harmful. makes a good read. I can see the sense in what the paper says, but this … Continue reading

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Getting Things Together

After a great holiday, I’m now gearing up to have a busy year with this project and at work (I’ve been approached to start porting some old Amiga games across to Interactive TV Formats.). I’m currently building the CVS source … Continue reading

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CVS Repository

The source code for the MetaWrap is in a CVS repository. Now that the original commercial source has been released under GPL, I am currently in the process of pouring the released source code from the commercial CVS repository into … Continue reading

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Most Promising Battery Technology I have Seen In Years

Using nano-particles to increase the surface area and thus the capacity of a capacitor makes it a viable battery.

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Using New Monopoly Visa Debit Card Gadget As A Project Management Tool

In their latest edition of Monopoly “Monopoly Here and Now Electronic Banking“, Parker Brothers has made some changes. Players now use a Visa debit card to keep track of their bank balances. I can’t find any detail on how the … Continue reading

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This Month In JavaScript – 2006.7

“Timeline is a DHTML-based AJAXy widget for visualizing time-based events. It is like Google Maps for time-based information. Below is a live example that you can play with. Pan the timeline by dragging it horizontally.” “Slightly ThickerBox is a … Continue reading

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Aptana – JavaScript-focused web application IDE

Looks great and looks like it will run as an Eclipse plug-in! What more could you ask for. Not sure how it compares to the latest Eclipse 3.2 (Callisto) Web tools platform – which I use and love.   “Aptana is a … Continue reading

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