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Elizabeth Sladen Is Still Hawt

Elizabeth Sladen is to me, what Felicity Kendal is to Rick, The People’s Poet When I was a lad watching Dr Who, Elizabeth Sladen (Who played Sarah Jane Smith) was certainly one of the sexiest things on TV. After watching the 2007 pilot for … Continue reading

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Another article on the demise of the old EBOM Warehouse @ 144 Cleveland St (Lanfranchi's)

“One of the Keating! musicians lived in in a warehouse in Sydney’s Cleveland Street known as Lanfranchi’s – so called because the laneway behind it was where, in March 1981, Roger Rogerson shot Warren Lanfranchi in that memorable scene from … Continue reading

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Rationalising A Post Amazon/Google Home Library

I spent the last two weekends installing bookshelves so Sharyn and I just spent three hours going through books that have spent the last 6 years in boxes and in many cases have not been seen or used in 10 years. … Continue reading

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Article On ZDNet About My Presentation At Remix07

‘New media designer Massive’s chief technical officer, James McParlane, for example, discussed the MCE version of the company¬ís V8 Supercars channel, which combines actual telemetry information for particular cars with video from those cars — or uses the MCE box … Continue reading

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RIP 144 Cleveland Street – The Old EBOM Warehouse

Sadly the space where I and five other like minded people established the electronic arts space “The Evil Brotherhood Of Mutants”, is being redeveloped. This ends what must be close to 20 years of continuous artspace use. The Evil Brotherhood Of Mutants (EBOM) was … Continue reading

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Defragging The Lieutenant

Anyone know any good HD defragging software for Windows? PerfectDisk seems to have done their SEO. Is there anything better?

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Once Again I Blame Lela

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