"I've Seen The Future, And It's Not Fax-Rock"

In 1994 – before the internet broke as a story, before the media had made the link between the internet and music, Clan Analogue performed at the Big Day Out in a small room next to the “Boiler Room”. Nanotech did live visuals at this event.  With a home grown supercomputer written mostly at dance parties… what would you do?



The First Part of The Review By Simon Killalea – No Mention Of Us

But on the second half by Brett Oaten – We hit pay dirt.



(The Bad Billy Idol Album) But the punters got it. The next year Clan ran an internet café and won control of the entire “Boiler Room”. 🙂


Some images from the 1995 event


“The Family” Setting Up


Tom Ellard and Jason Gee


Brendan and Kiralee


Femme De Jour


Doof Doof Doof Doof


Happy Punters


Finished packing up at 3am. As I had hired the computers and cushions, I had to wait for the truck in the morning and guard them with my life.

While I was sleeping someone took my camera and took a picture of me. 🙂

About James McParlane

CTO Massive Interactive. Ex Computer Whiz Kid - Now Grumpy Old Guru.
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