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Complexity Management And Temporal Pricing

Saw a great talk (by Mark Pesce at XmediaLab ) on the future of digital media distribution. He talked about what we like to call “network optomisation” when pitching this kind of distribution medium to clients, AKA “peer to peer” (p2p) networking … Continue reading

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Semaphore vs Monitor

Trying to decide what kind of counting syncronisation object I should use for my buffer polling expansion to the CNI (see two posts down).In my travels I found a lively and mostly misguided debate of monitors vs semaphores so decided to … Continue reading

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Parsers Progress Minimal testcase for simplest production I could think of – with an at that un unhandled visitor type. (now implemented of course). The wonderful thing about applying such a complicated visitor pattern to this type of problem is that even though the first type … Continue reading

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US Election 2004

The ultimate results of the US elections have such a large, far reaching and disproportionate effect on the rest of the world. Obviously far far too important to leave the voting up to, Americans.

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Chocks Away

Gastro again. Ralph and Huey get one ceremony closer to obtaining shiny new souls.

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