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The Brain-Slurping Abomination Of The "onclick" Listener On An Anchor Added With "addEventListener" – Return Value Hell

If you add an onclick listener to an anchor with addEventListener, the return value is ignored and whatever is in the href is activated. I come across this issue every day and have written about it before, but its only … Continue reading

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To ' href="javascript:f()" ' or ' href="#" onclick="f()" ' – That is the question.

You see both of these methods being used so often that you have to wonder – which is correct? href=”javascript:f()” vs href=”#” onclick=”javascript:f()” The classic ill side-effect that can occur when using the javascript: within a href attribute is when … Continue reading

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Finite State Automata – The State Of The Art

[Rescued from the old blog – Thanks to Damian] I’m trawling through conventional theory at the moment to see if my approach shows up on the radar anywhere – if it does then I can probably get some hints and … Continue reading

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More On MetaWrap WireWrap

I’m experimenting with describing all my CSS and JavaScript behaviors in XML. Currently working on allowing the optional nesting of CSS selectors which results in rules generated with normalised versions. for example.. <selector css=”pre”> <style> font-size: 1.1em; background: #f0f0f0; -moz-border-radius: … Continue reading

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More Evil On Safari

Found an issue with Safari (tested against version 1.3.1) With the following code…. var l_a5 = document.getElementById(“a5”);l_a5.onclick = f1; l_a5.onclick = null; l_a5.addEventListener(“click”,f2,true); .. when clicking on the element referenced by l_a5 will result in both events triggering in the order … Continue reading

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Automatic Dependency Resolution For JavaScript Libraries

Just added a feature to my JavaScript libraries so that they can work out what other JavaScript libraries need to be included and then includes them in the correct order. Most of the work is done by the foloowing three … Continue reading

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Opera Bug 180474 – doh!

Just lodged my first bug for Opera, only to figure out 5 mins after I hit submit that its not a bug with Opera, Its a bug with every other browser. Seems that in Opera 8.5 when you use addEventListener with … Continue reading

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A Gloom of Goths

Just read an article which used the term “Gloom of Goths”. I have a reasonable claim to being the inventor of that collective noun, about as reasonable as the claim I have to killing Kurt Cobain, but that’s another story. I sent … Continue reading

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Photoblog – Earthdance 2005, Sydney Australia

Just got home from a fun day out held here. (note the shadows from the old brick kiln smoke stacks). Met up with Dom, Adam and Mike and a dozen other people I had not seen in years, “On September … Continue reading

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Look What I Found

Digging in some old floppy disks looking for src code to some of my old audio software (The Nanotech WaveTracer) – I found the original (rewitten) BSCAL code. Along with original documentation and the 1987 Amiga version of the classic factorial testcase. I believe … Continue reading

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