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JavaScript Logging With FVLogger And The MetaWrap Logging Class

Adds cool logging widget to your pages. Something else I was thinking about building, but now someone has done it for me.. w00t – Looks great! [Update] Decided to write my own after all. Needed some good logging for … Continue reading

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null, undefined and NaN

null null represents “no value,” meaning “nothing,” not even an empty string or zero. It’s used as a placeholder in a variable to let you know there’s nothing useful in there. It’s a reference to nothing. When a variable is … Continue reading

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Windows Media Center Version Of BigPond V8 Supercars

If you are wondering why I have been not posting much to the blog recently, or if you met me in person lately, why I have been so tired and not really in the mood to talk, its because I have … Continue reading

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Javascript ActiveRecord

Ruby’s ActiveRecord Implementation is a very cool part of the very cool Ruby on Rails (RoR) project. RoR is a great way to build a database driven web page. It has weaknesses if you’re trying to build something that’s truly … Continue reading

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Me And My Cat – 1994 – Robotic B&W QuickCam

I attempt the use of mind powers to shift a cat [Recovered from pre HD crash blog]

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The Problem With Stacking Browser Event Handlers From JavaScript

You learn something new every day, which is why I love being alive. Its an astounding coincidence that just when I needed to implement a cross browser method of stacking event handlers (for MetaWrap WireWrap), this blog post came out … Continue reading

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