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Things To Do…..

Continuous Integration *started* June 28th 2004  (Branched into W3 EBNF parser) Tidy Up Website and add Google Ads  *done*  July 9th 2004 Integrate Client Into Shell Design Client <-> Server Connection Semantics Contuinue Design Of Clustering Algorithm Get shell integrated … Continue reading

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Unix Signals And C++ Exceptions Living Together

“Signals and exceptions don’t mix well, and should be considered seperately. While you can define an exception-based “wrapper” for signals, such code is not portable, because C++ does not guarantee that a signal-handling function is able to interact with any … Continue reading

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I want this now….


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The Powder Of Sympathy

Around 1700 – A Royal Committee was formed to gather ideas and a prize of £20,000 was offered to the person who could determine longitude at sea. One suggested method was that a mysterious substance called “powder of sympathy” if … Continue reading

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mutable in C++

I’ve gone back to some refactoring for a few days to solve a problem that has been annoying me for a while. The solution is found in some C++ arcana that I always used to avoid due to porting issues, … Continue reading

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Nanotech Visuals Rides Again

Some of my old rave visuals is being used in an episode of a local TV show called. “All Saints“. I am being told I am getting a credit – which will make a change from the last production that I was … Continue reading

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