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MetaWrap TimeConverter, Build 8

There Is A New Version Available – Click Here   Update: I just fixed 2 bugs – one handle leak and a bug that could stop it from scanning serial ports. Seems I left in some debug code on both … Continue reading

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Scrybe – Yet Another Calendar Application – But Its A Very Good Looking One The video alone is worth watching just to get an idea of what its possible to do in a browser nowadays. I was hoping to be first to launch something with the “work offline now, sync to server later” … Continue reading

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Dynamic Resolution Dependent Layout Using JavaScript

Its a few vowels short of a buzzword, but don’t hold that against it. There is a strong trend at the moment towards dynamic resolution dependent layout via JavaScript, that is the page rearranges the layout of its content via element-wise x,y positioning … Continue reading

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Why I Still Won't Use The prototype.js JavaScript Library

I was not prepared for the amount of responses I got to my last article. There really are two camps – and they sit around fires making pointy sticks. The most constructive was from Rob Sanheim with this post, which got me … Continue reading

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The Latest In The World Of JavaScript – "AJAX, Web 2.0 and the World Of Tomorrow"

This Is Not The JavaScript Our Parents Would Know In the bad old days JavaScript was not compatible across browsers. JavaScript development was painful, frustrating and costly. More recently JavaScript has become the poster-child for effective web programing and the … Continue reading

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