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The Conroy Rule

Australia is gripped in debate over it’s government’s push to introduce Mandatory ISP Level Filtering. Yes and the policy is about as well thought out as it is acronymed. Out of that debate Jon Seymour has come up with ‘The … Continue reading

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IE At Work And FireFox At Home

Looking at the Browser Global Marketshare Statistics on, there is an obvious 7 day cycle with 5 days high, 2 days low for IE and 5 days low, 2 days high for Firefox – both in perfect sync. My … Continue reading

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Introducing – Command Line Photoshop (pronounced ‘qwertle’) is a real time image manipulation service that lets you crop, compose, scale, tint, slice, dice images and generate QR codes without having to have any software installed on your webserver or PC. The way it works: … Continue reading

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