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In the year 2007 I resolve to….

I blame Lela again. In the year 2007 I resolve to:Start a cult. Get your resolution here.

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Bag Of Chocolate Coated Rasins – Warning – May Contain SQL

Source – The Daily WTF

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Comet McNaught And Glebe Island Bridge

Ben sent me this great picture of Comet McNaught over the Glebe Island bridge. Enjoy!

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Being Paid To XBox

I’m consulting with the big M and a few other companies at the moment on adapting an application to the XBox 360. The result of this is that they sent me one to play with.   The team came up with … Continue reading

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iPhone – I Love Your Body, But…

Dear iPhone You better have UMTS or you are dead to me. Although I love your design and interface, where it matters for a phone I find you lacking. According to the specs you are just quad-band GSM. And no GPS? Is that even legal in … Continue reading

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Banner Views Increased Because of XP Service Pack 2 and IE7

I know this is probably a little late, but I just had a thought. When you download something using IE6 under Windows XP (The current majority platform) you get that little yellow bar at the top that calmly warns you that … Continue reading

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Lela Made Me Do it

I feel the need – the need for James! Which movie was this quote from’ Get your own quotes:

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