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This Would Be Funny If It Wasn't All True

Possibly the best comic form summary of the CDO MBS scandal. (Sub-prime loans crisis.) Of note. SPV‘s is the general term for the more specific term of SIVs (Structured Investment Vehicles).  Expect to hear more about these in the future. They don’t mention that … Continue reading

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Rationalising A Post Amazon/Google Home Library

I spent the last two weekends installing bookshelves so Sharyn and I just spent three hours going through books that have spent the last 6 years in boxes and in many cases have not been seen or used in 10 years. … Continue reading

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Sydney Phone Photo Blogging #3 – Everything

A random sampling from my phone over the last six months. Caution – Contains traces of roadkill. Shadow Bitumen Angel Old Poster The perfect product for when a sordid affair between a mechanic and journalist goes horribly wrong…   Naked Car … Continue reading

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Grid Envy

I was in the middle of building something like this as a demo for my XML storage server, looks like several people beat me to it. Looks like they applied for a patent only to find that there is lots of … Continue reading

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Google "Trends"

I played a little while with Google Trends. Seems that “sex” is a popular search term, especially where its hard to get Go figure.

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Getting Some Joy From The Google Deskbar

I was about to give up on the email part of Google Deskbar, it was recording all the email I got – even the vast majority that ended up in my Spam folder. Had a poke around a few days … Continue reading

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And They Said I Was Crazy

Just listened to a podcast on IT Conversations where Werner Vogels discussed scaleable systems that are inspired by biological processes. What he described is exactly what I was working on in the networking protocols and “Entropy” VM in the MetaWrap project, … Continue reading

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New (Old) 21" Monitor And New Test Cases

I am now dual headed. We will see how it goes. I have the G4 and PC second display on the second monitor. The G4 stays up as long as I don’t move much. (Long Story) Testing all the basic … Continue reading

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New MetaWrap Project Website

Congratulations – Its a Bliki! Old version is still available at I just installed MSN Messenger V7 – comes integrated with search and MSN spaces blogger.

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Speaking of old bands – one of my old bad techno songs has been released on as The Rhinoceros Song – #759 aka “Mastitis” – people used to just call it “The Rhinoceros Song” so it just kind of … Continue reading

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