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Bushism, Blog And Google Video

“And I think the world would be better off if we did leave ….. if we didn’t … if we left, the world would be worse. The world is better off with us not leaving. It’s a mistake to pull out.” … Continue reading

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Shhh – Busy Thinking

Painted a shed. Thinking about current step in parser code. In a non coding mood – nesting with real world things. Wired up my old keyboard amp to sit under the desk and act as a subwoofer. Reading a good … Continue reading

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The Spectre Of Gastro

Little one was up all-night throwing up.. went through every change of sheets, towel and PJ’s in house. For the rest of us – the timebomb is ticking 😦

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Sickness and Housekeeping

First conjuntivitis brought home by number one son… then the flu has gotten me again.. a week spent with little brain. Got a new desk. Everything looks better now than it used to. Defragged my HD. Hope this will stop the … Continue reading

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Sick for two weeks now.

Been coming home and going right to bed so no time for any fun coding. Spent the weekend at parents in law’s house so no work done this weekend.. It was so damn cold in Sydney that I would have … Continue reading

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On the mend..

Tickle Tickle.. cough cough.. Sadly my last antibiotic consumed yesterday so I now exist without the support of modern medicine. An all-nighter at work.. I’ve cut my compulsory 1 hour of coding a day down to 15 mins. Still making progress. … Continue reading

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