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Game Engine Ported to OSX

Over the weekend I ported the game engine to OSX.

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MakerBot2 Weekend Of Tinkering

The Makerbot 2 is widely acknowledged by the developer community to have a faulty design in key component. I ordered a print of one from the guy who designed a replacement. I could have printed it and assembled it … Continue reading

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A Critical Problem With MonoGame

Seems it’s impossible to in a cross platform manner know what your rendering surface size is actually going to be. In XNA, in Initialize() you can query the ViewPort dimensions and they will be correct. Seems that in many other … Continue reading

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Deploying Directly To An OUYA Using MonoGame/Visual Studio

Deploying Directly To An OUYA Let’s face it – the Android emulator almost always sucks. It’s perhaps the most broken bit of an otherwise OK development process for Android. Nothing beats the fidelity of testing on the real hardware but … Continue reading

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MonoGame OpenGL Has 800×480 Screen During Initialize

There seems to be a workflow issue at the startup of a MonoGame app in Windows using OpenGL. The solution seems to be to perform your own initialisation on the viewport. The issue is that during Initialize() your app seems convinced … Continue reading

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The Game – Progress Report #11

I have an OpenGL port of our game engine… it coughs blood but it’s mostly there.

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A MineCraft Server For Kids In Australia

My son runs a MineCraft server. He is 12. He’s been running it for the last year. The server is mostly populated for kids in the Sydney/Melbourne area with a large contingent of inner city school kids from the Newtown/Marrickville area. … Continue reading

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MonoGame and OUYA

Monogame is a complete pain to get up and running. This is mainly because there is a requirement for Mono.Android and the user experience for the install is completely abysmal. It never seemed to try and prompt me to upgrade … Continue reading

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