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SFTP Added To ThumbWhere Storage

Checked in SFTP support. We need to test with more SFTP servers than we have in the development environment, but this is all ready for testing. Now for FTPS and plain old FTP. One side effect of the AmazonS3 Storage … Continue reading

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ThumbWhere AmazonS3 Support

I just checked in the test candidate for external storage which supports Amazon S3 and FTP. When this is deployed, API licensees can provide one or more Amazon S3 or FTP accounts and ThumbWhere will use that to store your … Continue reading

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We’ve been rather busy for the last year and a half working in the emerging interactive television market so unfortunately there has been no time or resources to devote to the public API as I’ve spent most of my time … Continue reading

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ThumbWhere Image upload now supported by MahTweets

‘MahTweets is a rich, awesome, twitter client, feature inline media, filtering, tracking (saved searches) and much more’ MahTweets can be downloaded from The ThumbWhere plugin was developed by @WillHughes It supports Image uploading and uses ThumbWhere’s URL shrinking service … Continue reading

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Been a bit quiet here for the last few months. I’ve been particularly busy at work but also I’ve been working on a few other projects on the side. One of these is ThumbWhere. (try the blog for more … Continue reading

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Introducing – Command Line Photoshop (pronounced ‘qwertle’) is a real time image manipulation service that lets you crop, compose, scale, tint, slice, dice images and generate QR codes without having to have any software installed on your webserver or PC. The way it works: … Continue reading

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LOLCats From Your Phone To RSS – The LOL-* Specification From

LOL-* (Pronounced “LOL STAR”)  is a simple and compact markup language for creating image macros on your mobile phone via MMS. An implementation of this language has been included as part of the MMS to RSS gateway. When you … Continue reading

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