Been a bit quiet here for the last few months. I’ve been particularly busy at work but also I’ve been working on a few other projects on the side.

One of these is ThumbWhere. (try the blog for more info).

ThumbWhere allows you to post text, images, video or audio to the web and to Twitter. Support for other social media and social networking sites will be enabled in the near future.

Here is a post on my Twitter stream sent in from ThumbWhere.


If you use Twitter on your mobile phone you will find it’s very very fast. I have no ads – I just link you directly to the media if you click on a shortlink using a phone.

If you just want to post something anonymously -send images, photos or video to +61-447-100-293 and it will be added to the public feed. Anyone can send via MMS and your content will be added anonymously to the public timeline. If you later on create an account, that content will be added to your account and will no longer be anonymous, so don’t post anything embarrassing if you intend to join up in the future 🙂

I’m keeping out the email spammers for now but I’ll be enabling submissions via email in the next few weeks – at the moment you need a phone that can MMS to the submission number, so if you have an iPhone you will need version 3.0.



The main web site is a very plain lightweight AJAX driven – white-site. It does not look like much, but it’s doing some wonderful magic under the hood as it’s all driven by my state machine language. The back end is running my own custom pipeline processing engine – it’s kind of a multi-dimensional-tree lazy evaluation version of map-reduce. This architecture means that it’s trivial for me to integrate job endpoints from on demand computer systems such as Azure and EC2.


I’ve set up a site to allow people to request features. First off the rank will be submission via email.

I’m also working on an iPhone app and an Azure endpoint for much of my processing and transcoding pipeline.

Its keeping me off the streets 🙂

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CTO Massive Interactive. Ex Computer Whiz Kid - Now Grumpy Old Guru.
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  1. if the user could specify the endpoint for the api it could quite easily also be work with other things that provide “twitter-like” api endpoints
    (including federated social networks – Friendica and Statusnet sites have such an api)

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