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And What Do You Use A Home Grown Super Computer For In 1991? Rave Visuals Of Course :)

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Subtextual – Very Cool Language Demo

Looks a lot like RIDE – execution model is copy based – very much like the original old BSCAL /MetaWrap VM. They even have the factorial demo. I’m very impressd with it – it looks much nicer than anything I … Continue reading

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State of Ajax: Progress, Challenges, and Implications for SOAs

“Dare Obesanjo recently enumerated some key points that Ajax application architects have to contend with and a few of them are particularly worthy of note including how to deal with the need for permalinks, the Back button, and others. Please … Continue reading

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Something Else For The MetaWrap Javascript Library I really really like this. It uses the CSS selector syntax to style elements with javascript code. You only need to keep one mapping paradigm in your head and its consistent for appearance and behavior. I was considering using … Continue reading

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Grammar Visualiser – Part II (generated automagically) (the original target plan) It lurches into being. I’m thinking that I may have to write this with MwW3ParserLexerState being the node instead of the current plan for MwW3ParserLexerStateGroup. The issue at hand is that a MwW3ParserLexerStateGroup can consist … Continue reading

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Now that the fate of the current generation of commercial P2P software is moot, the Eye Of Suaron turns towards Bram Cohen. [Bio] A little before the MGM vs Grokster ruling he formed a company and launched a search engine. whichContinue reading

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JavaScript Optimisation’p=31567&rl=1

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And They Said I Was Crazy

Just listened to a podcast on IT Conversations where Werner Vogels discussed scaleable systems that are inspired by biological processes. What he described is exactly what I was working on in the networking protocols and “Entropy” VM in the MetaWrap project, … Continue reading

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Some More Cool JavaScript Libraries

JavaScript Vector Graphics Library JavaScript Graphing Library

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My Oldest Usenet Posting

I know there are ones older than this on, but I can’t remember my old University account name.  

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