Now that the fate of the current generation of commercial P2P software is moot, the Eye Of Suaron turns towards Bram Cohen. [Bio]

A little before the MGM vs Grokster ruling he formed a company and launched a search engine. which is very very good at finding TV series and music and now Microsoft is gunning for a place in the pareto efficent P2P market that Bittorrent has created.  


“According to an article in Wired, the old webpage of Bram Cohen contained a manifesto stating that his goal for creating software was to ‘Commit Digital Piracy’. Cohen argues that the quote is taken out of context and represents a parody. He argues having written it in 1999, 2 years before even coming up with Bittorrent. You can find the archived copy of his site at From the article: “Cohen has never publicly encouraged piracy, and he has consistently maintained that he wrote BitTorrent as a legitimate file-distribution tool. That would seem to make him and his budding company, BitTorrent, safe under the Grokster ruling. But legal experts worry the newly discovered manifesto extolling ‘digital piracy’ could put him on less certain legal ground.”

See him in action here.

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