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MGM vs Grokster – This Bong Is Only For Decorative Purposes

There is something that has always made me feel uncomfortable with application of the the Sony Beta-max defense wrt the litigation of P2P software.  Sony was selling a device and medium. A direct comparison with software transferring data over the internet is not … Continue reading

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Regex Coach

Yet another amazingly useful tool that I cant live without and need to reinstall since the accident….  

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Parsers Progress – Convergence

[Rescued from the old blog – Thanks to Damian] The algorithm and data structure are designed to build a near optimal deterministic finite state automata for a regular language with a single pass, unlike the current three pass ‘Thompson Process’. But even I was … Continue reading

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Check Your Hard Drive At Least Once A Century

Do The Math

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Natacha's Warehouse Warming

DJ Nat-B rocked the house. She has a wonderful set of friends who put up wonderfully with the Massive party machine. Its a fantastic warehouse and everyone I talked to only had good things to say about the talented and divine … Continue reading

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Partial Recovery

I have recovered a majority of the important blog posts. Thanks to Damian, and google cache 🙂

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MDEC 2005

Went to MDEC 2005. Learned lots about the windows mobile platform and the .NET Compact Framework V2.0 and Windows CE V5.0 Earned my Frank Arrigo spotting badge. Learned that most of the phones being sold now will never be able to … Continue reading

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When Photo Blogging Goes Bad

I Live In Sydney   I Catch A Bus   My Son Thinks This Phone Is Silly

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Sil 3112 + Western Digital = Pain

Some lunch time browsing – I am now seeing a pattern. There seems to be a common sob story. Sil 3112 + Western Digital = Pain I did however find the latest and greatest driver. There even appears … Continue reading

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Some Interesting XML Standards relevant to future MetaWrap development..

Relevant to future MetaWrap development.. BPEL – Business Process Execution Language XFORMS  

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