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Bushism, Blog And Google Video

“And I think the world would be better off if we did leave ….. if we didn’t … if we left, the world would be worse. The world is better off with us not leaving. It’s a mistake to pull out.” … Continue reading

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Anti-Aliasing Tessellated Polygons in GL – Part II

In the end RTFM was the solution…. and a bit of simple algebra.. 7.2 Polygon Antialiasing Antialiasing the edges of filled polygons is similar to antialiasing points and lines. However, antialiasing polygons in color index mode isn’t practical since object … Continue reading

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A Similar Search Meme  |  Comments×10.html  

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New MetaWrap Project Website

Congratulations – Its a Bliki! Old version is still available at I just installed MSN Messenger V7 – comes integrated with search and MSN spaces blogger.

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Speaking of old bands – one of my old bad techno songs has been released on as The Rhinoceros Song – #759 aka “Mastitis” – people used to just call it “The Rhinoceros Song” so it just kind of … Continue reading

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The Accelerated Men

Strange to see my old band still has a strange cult following. We are listed first in the “The Gothic Music Handbook” and also as the first band listed in the Gothic Rock Black Book by Mick Mercer. An accident of name … Continue reading

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If I had been born a woman… or as a piece of polyhedral dice

Ok – so I have gone exploring those silly online quizes that give you an icon at the end to represent yourself. It started with one and two and…. *sigh* If I had been born a woman it seems that … Continue reading

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Cool Things – (Rescued)

[Rescued from the old blog – Thanks to Damien] New ZIP. The Future Of Databases Canvas element lets you do high-end drawing (transparencies etc) with HTML/JS – supported in new versions of Firefox and latest version of Safari. … Continue reading

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Some Cool New Things

Getting ready to recover all by blog posts in the next few days. Made lots of progress in MetaWrap in the apache mod area. JS/UIX 0.43 – The JavaScript virtual OS and terminal application for the web. Social Command Line

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Disaster – HD Death!

ARgghhhh!!!!! This little blog site was non-essential – so I didn’t really every back it up. So I have just lot 5 months worth of posts… Lets hope that Google cache or has most of them 🙂

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