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Adding XPath to Metawrap – Part I

As part of the MetaWrap Continuous Integration Project (mw_monitor), I have decided to add XPath to the MetaWrap XML engine. There are currently three methods I could use to process XML in mw_monitor. DTD Plug-in – Using this method I would … Continue reading

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Old MetaWrap Demo

Found an an early draft of some concept materials for the original MetaWrap Project “Fish” (1998-2001) that could turn any existing HTML website into an XML data-source by the application of the MetaWrap pattern language. This single XML file recursively defined … Continue reading

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More Blasts From The Past

Names wrong on the one below.

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Dynamic Resolution Dependent Layout Using JavaScript

Its a few vowels short of a buzzword, but don’t hold that against it. There is a strong trend at the moment towards dynamic resolution dependent layout via JavaScript, that is the page rearranges the layout of its content via element-wise x,y positioning … Continue reading

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I can be contaced via MSN on james AT or on googletalk or email as drmiaow AT

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Bigpond V8 Supercars Panelbeaters Podcast

We have produced our first Podcast! Its for V8 Supercars – the site we scooped the AIMIA awards with.

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Fantastic article about the hype and truth of Web2.0 by Jeffrey Zeldman. “We pause but a moment to consider two AJAX-related headaches. The first afflicts people who make websites. Wireframing AJAX is a bitch. The best our agency has come … Continue reading

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