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Attention Rank

Next years big web buzzword will be “Attention” AttentionRank will be the new way of measuring relevance. The poster child for Attention will be

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More Reason To Continue With The MetaWrap Rendering Pipeline

Great post by Dave Johnson that replicates and surpasses some of the benchmarking I have already into the practicality of using XSLT. This is why XSLT is at the heart of the MetaWrap JavaScript Rending Pipeline. The rendering pipeline and macro … Continue reading

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JavaScript Speed Trials – Post III

Comment Tests – Parsing In this test the test code is parsed 100 times for each measurement. The number of comments varies from 1 to 10000 in increments of 666. Each of the comments is 64 characters long     … Continue reading

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JavaScript Speed Trials – Post IV – JavaScript Namespaces

Continuing my analysis of JavaScript performance. For this test I’m testing the impact of the current trend of JavaScript namespaces. Namespaces In this test 500000 iterations of the main function are performed. The depth of the namespace varies from 1 … Continue reading

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We Lost The War. Welcome To The World Of Tomorrow

Between Xmas and New Year, Rop Gronggrijp (NL) and Frank Riegel (DE) held two impressive but surpringly depressive speeches at the 22nd Chaos Computer Club conference in Berlin. Here is Frank’s contribution.

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Why I Still Won't Use The prototype.js JavaScript Library

I was not prepared for the amount of responses I got to my last article. There really are two camps – and they sit around fires making pointy sticks. The most constructive was from Rob Sanheim with this post, which got me … Continue reading

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Why I Don't Use The prototype.js JavaScript Library

When it comes to JavaScript there is one issue for which there seems to be two polarised camps, and that is the question of extending the inbuilt JavaScript Array and Object types via the prototype object. There are those who … Continue reading

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