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Compulsory Reading For JavaScript Developers If at the end of this you still want to use a library that adds slots to the built-in Objects please send me your name so I can avoid hiring you or using your library.

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Microsoft "Surface"

I see your Adobe Flash photo shuffling demo on a $40,000 multi-touch screen and raise you with the concept of Gorilla Arm. Why do I get the feeling that last year Steve or Bill saw the same multi-touch demo by Jeff Han [YouTube] that … Continue reading

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Finally took the plunge and got a home Espresso machine (Gaggia Classic). Only use it for short blacks so the milk steamer is wasted on me. Guests seem to like it though. 🙂

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African Anti AIDS Ads

Two interesting CGI Anti-AIDS Ads. The first one seems to borrow from Katamari Damacy.    

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Just What The World Needs – Another Mobile Phone Stack

“The Java Mobile FX software is based on code Sun acquired from Savaje Technologies, a merger completed just last Friday. The Savaje software is a full implementation based on a desktop version of Java. It includes basic applications running on … Continue reading

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Defragging The Lieutenant

Anyone know any good HD defragging software for Windows? PerfectDisk seems to have done their SEO. Is there anything better?

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