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The Adobe Flash VM NULL Pointer Exploit

“A new generic method for exploiting a common problem in software code that was previously thought to be prohibitively difficult to attack is generating a wave of concern and surprise in the security community.” This is really just another … Continue reading

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Hillary Vs Obama

Finally blogging an observation I made last year. Its very simple. History is repeating itself. In the US, “Freed Men” where given the soft and non explicit right to vote by the Thirteenth Amendment in 1865, although it was 100 … Continue reading

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No Emmy For Us.. Again

Yet again, we are the bridesmaid and not the bride. And the winner in our category of Best Interactive Channel was So its congratulations to everyone involved – its an honor just to be nominated! Next Year Gadget! Next … Continue reading

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50,000 People at Red Bull Flugtag In Sydney – It Was Like Vietnam

Coming from Perth Western Australia and remembering the Annual Birdman Rally from the 1970’s, I could not miss the the RedBull Flugtag. Arrived at 11am. According to the announcements they were expecting 20,000 people but got 50,000. The crowd was … Continue reading

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Timezone Changover Failures

Its the end of Daylight Saving in NSW Australia this morning. I managed to patch my phone the day before so that changed over fine. A number of devices in my house however failed to change over correctly. I think … Continue reading

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Massive's New Theme Song

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