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Google Chrome – I Loves It

I Like it. Its fast. The tab page is genius. Its my default browser for everything bar web development. Webkit developers console is outclassed by FireBug on FireFox. Flash works. Flash player install required a few goes. Java Works.. but … Continue reading

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Silverlight/Office2007 Charity Thing…

Yes its advertising for Microsoft -but its for a good cause. “Microsoft Australia are running an interesting campaign to demo MS Office 2007 and raise money for charity at the same time. The premise is fairly simple. Users head over … Continue reading

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More Sliverlight Video Testing

Using sample non square pixel tests from Microsoft site was inconclusive. 7 of the 27 sample encoded videos were 1:1 PAR. The others varied from 24:11 to 12:11 None of the videos played past the first frame, but all the videos was … Continue reading

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Issues With Some WMV profiles in Silverlight

Found a few bugs in the way that Silverlight1.0 plays video. Will perform definitive tests tomorrow – but looks like a pixel aspect ration that is not 1:1 will prevent video from rendering. This is a shame because there is a … Continue reading

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