No Mozilla Protocol Plug-in Example Or Documentation

So looks like I’m giving up on Mozilla development of a protocol plugin in C++ – the platform is simply just not mature enough to develop against. I have wasted 4 hours of my life only to find that someone has been too lazy to build an example that builds against the gecko-sdk in C++, or too lazy to build a gecko-sdk that lets you build protocol plugins. Sorry Mozdev, but its just not reasonable to expect someone to have to download and use the entire Mozilla source tree to get a handful of IDL files.

Any modern browser should be able to have a pluggable protocol handler written in C++ (or at least something other than JavaScript)

Also the mozilla documentation is a bit of a joke.

Looks like I can do it under javascript – and hand off the binary stuff to a plugin – so we have a viable solution.

I will continue the C++ route for one more night – I’m hacking away at a C++ project file that builds me what I’m missing from gecko-sdk

I’m starting to miss the parser… want to get back to it soon. Wading through other people’s code and trying to get two interfaces to talk to each other but failing because I don’t know the secret undocumented massonic handshake is not my idea of fun.

This is why I prefer to write my own code from scratch – in some cases it takes just as long – and I learn something. if it does take longer At least you feel like you are achieving something and not hunting google for some scrap, anything that will make up for the lack of good docs – and I still learn something.

Research Notes

How to do it in JavaScript – yes but C++? No!


Not Perfectly Accurate Diagram

Mozilla Internals

Looks like I can do it under javascript – and hand off the binary stuff to a plugin – so we have a viable solution.

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