RIP 144 Cleveland Street – The Old EBOM Warehouse

Sadly the space where I and five other like minded people established the electronic arts space “The Evil Brotherhood Of Mutants”, is being redeveloped.

This ends what must be close to 20 years of continuous artspace use.

The Evil Brotherhood Of Mutants (EBOM) was the location of some legendary parties, some claim it was one long party. We straddled the changeover from FIDO net to the Internet as the main enthusiast backbone for email. At first the media thought the internet was very uncool.  We gave away recycled computers, email accounts and web-space to many people over the years. The modems always ran hot. The render farm kept us warm at night. We made toast with a soldering iron.

Many used the experience gained there to launch careers in the arts and IT.

Seems that EBOM was where the term “doof” was coined. I know it was contemporary to EBOM. I know I heard it from Luke Dearnley from Sub-Base snarl first in his car riding down Elizabeth street. Will be happy if its true.

Some history.

Clan Analogue – Early History

144 Cleveland Street Sydney

1995 – Call To Action From Fine Art Forum


Signing off – Magneto

About James McParlane

CTO Massive Interactive. Ex Computer Whiz Kid - Now Grumpy Old Guru.
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