More Bigpond Windows Media Center V8 Goodness

Making progress on the synchronisation algorithm. Compared to last rounds effort, this round was a lot closer. I’m definitely on the right track and the algorithm is converging faster. Now able to synchronise all four feeds together Live TV, Streaming Video, Telemetry and Timing, even though they all come from different sources and are in some cases minutes out of sync with each other.

Getting some great feedback from of fans of the current version of the application.

<Happy programmer dance>

Click on the image below for a Quicktime video of synchronisation in action. The Quicktime screen capture is a fraction of the live frame-rate of 25fps so its a little jerky. The image in the blue border is live TV. The large video is a 1Mbit Windows Media stream, the top section is the live leader-board and the bottom section is the live dashboard. As always watch for gear changes in the vision and the dashboard.


Windows Media Center Version Of Bigpond V8 Supercars Application – Full Sync Demo

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CTO Massive Interactive. Ex Computer Whiz Kid - Now Grumpy Old Guru.
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