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Why The Chinese Government Must Ban All Of Wikipedia

After being unblocked, the Chinese Government has re-blocked all of Wikipedia. With the goal of Wikipedia being to provide free access to the sum of all human knowledge, China had a choice of either blocking everything or just blocking what it does not like. Its … Continue reading

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Back From Watching Cory Doctorow Talk In Sydney

I as I posted previously, Went to observe Cory Doctorow‘s talk tonight. It was much as I expected. He is real. I did not touch him – so you can’t be too sure. Xeni could have been hiding behind the drapes with … Continue reading

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IPTV In Australia Could Be Dead Before It Even Starts

Interesting post from Rachel Dixon’s Blog According to a recently released discussion paper on media reform, the Minister for Communications is considering introducing licenses for IPTV in Australia, to bring Internet video into line with broadcast video. … .. . Intriguingly, the … Continue reading

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Sydney, Unrest, Muslims, Kebab

Tonight I met a very tall man. I am not short – but he towered over me. He was very well educated and very well dressed. His girlfriend was a gorgeous young woman. Every year at Massive’s Annual Xmas party … Continue reading

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We Lost The War. Welcome To The World Of Tomorrow

Between Xmas and New Year, Rop Gronggrijp (NL) and Frank Riegel (DE) held two impressive but surpringly depressive speeches at the 22nd Chaos Computer Club conference in Berlin. Here is Frank’s contribution.

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On Being Savaged By A Dead Sheep And The Future of the Labor Party

Some right wing demagogue wannabee called Andrew Landeryou has tried to take a swipe at a friend of mine and engage in political debate in several open forums, including rather interestingly podcasting. I have to say, a podcast sponsored by Exxon? Can I assume that … Continue reading

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