The Right Of Reply

The awaited great streaming inevitable has arrived in the form of remixes of the original YouTube post “by” John Howard

What has been enlightening, shocking and surprising is the flurry of videos that have been appropriating the meta-data from the original video such that if you search for the original, your first choice is now from a half a dozen 30 second political videos which appear on the surface to be from other political groups.

This is a prime example of how SEO-Jamming can divert and subvert a campaign.

Here is a remix…


And another


And a reply in the tradition of YouTube


And here is one in the form of a party political announcement


This was by far the most entertaining

I can’t help but think that this attempt by John Howard to “connect” to people via YouTube has been soundly thwarted by people who either anticipated this move, recycled what they had lying around and or got their a(r|c)t together and firmly culture-jammed the original post into oblivion.


Of course we need some Clarke And Dawe from earlier in the year.


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1 Response to The Right Of Reply

  1. nick mallory says:

    The Australian Government is thinking about setting up a ‘consultation blog’ to give ordinary people a say in creating policy. If you feel strongly about something this could be a great place to tell the powers that be what they should be doing!

    You can help shape what this site will become by doing this quick survey here

    It only takes a minute and it really counts towards something worthwhile.

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