Back From Remix 07 – Popfly/Silverlight/Visual Studio 2008

It went great! My presentation went great (as far as I could tell). I spent most of the conference recovering from the Sydney Flu – so I suspect I behaved like a freak half of the time.


Met some great people and subscribed to their blogs..

Silverlight WPF and Visual Studio 2008 demos were all great.

Trialing Expression for Web here with a few developers in an attempt to move on from Dreamweaver and Homepage. Also keeping an eye on the Eclipse Web developers extensions.

The star of the show was Popfly. I built something very similar in 2001 (the inferred parameter binding seemed identical) but it was all XML and object tree tree based. We never got to the cool drag and connect stage of the IDE before “the accident“. It was the original incarnation of MetaWrap and RIDE was the “Rapid Internet Development Environment” that let you mash together any interface wrapped by the MetaWrap object model. Oh well šŸ™‚

At WebJamm someone used Popfly to made Twittervision in 30 seconds by dragging three widgets together. Suggest you look on You-tube for videos if you don’t have an invite already.

Web 2.0 Panel


The Web 2.0 panel was good. Earned my “Cameron Reilly Wearing Sunglasses Inside” spotting badge.

The panel failed to explain why nobody can agree on what Web 2.0 is.

My answer. Five years after the dot com boom settled, everyone in the Internet industry noticed a change.

Developers noticed the swing towards Agile, unit testing, testability. So they got Ruby On rails, XP, CI and Agile.

Designers noticed the developing increase in importance towards User Experience so many of them went off to become “Information Architects”

Business Owners noticed the swing towards user generated content and social networking. Others noticed the swing towards web hosted applications.

The Public noticed that they were using certain regularly and could not imagine a world without these services did not exist.  They were useful. Web 1.0 become bedrock. name just a few roles.       

The point is, for each group there was a major change so when the line in the sand was drawn, Web 2.0 was different things to different people.

Because of all of the above. The web went from having great potential, to actually being an essential part of social and business life.

PS: for MK šŸ™‚


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CTO Massive Interactive. Ex Computer Whiz Kid - Now Grumpy Old Guru.
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1 Response to Back From Remix 07 – Popfly/Silverlight/Visual Studio 2008

  1. And yet another sticker sighting – woo hoo!

    It was great to have you over at remix dude!

    You’d also be proud to know that after being inspired by you, I’ve started <a href="">donning a beanie</a>!

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