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Some More Sydney Graffiti – Phone Blogging

Australia St Newtown Australia St Newtown Newtown Can’t Remember…

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Comet McNaught And Glebe Island Bridge

Ben sent me this great picture of Comet McNaught over the Glebe Island bridge. Enjoy!

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Lela Made Me Do it

I feel the need – the need for James! Which movie was this quote from’ Get your own quotes:

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Its Not A Bomb

Its just a very naughty civil engineer.. One Two Three Four

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I have a 4 Colour Pen, Fear Me Now

On the topic of how we do our thinking/wire-framing/documentation, in a wonderful thread in Leisa Reichelt’s blog…. Also here in a thread on UML vs Nothing and a post from Melissa Firth‘s shiny fresh new blog that mentions UML being used to outline the narrative of a … Continue reading

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I Like Circles

I’m finally on the recovering end of a bout of the flu which has forced me to not code anything fun for about three weeks. On June 5th I bought a new Nintendo DS Lite. After the announcement of the Wii (The console formerly known as … Continue reading

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The Internet Background Radiation – A Billion Little Virus Tipped Arrows Snuffling For Unarmoured Flesh

Ever since the mid 90’s when I first started getting unwanted packets arriving on my networks, I’ve been keeping an eye on what has been named the “Internet Background Radiation” (IBR). Analogous to the real world background radiation that constantly zaps through … Continue reading

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I Got Slashdotted Again

Our network admin is giving me “that” look. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.

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Before Presenting At A Web2.0 Conference

#12) Avoid consuming any mind altering substances 72 hours before your presentation. “..and of course one of the most important considerations in determining the latency and the data size to request frequency granularity is the…. OMG!!! LOOK AT THOSE GIANT WINGED SPIDER CATS!!!!! … Continue reading

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Like Father, Like Son

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